ITV is the only authorized distributor of CVSA instruments in Canada. The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer technology was introduced in 1988 and has since seen ever-increasing use in the law-enforcement community. The CVSA product has proven most effectively employed as a partnership between the cutting-edge computer software used to analyze specific voice patterns and the expert interrogation techniques used and taught by ITV. Used in this manner the Manufacturer of CVSA, NITV, quotes an accuracy rating of 98% in the algorithm with zero inconclusives.
  ITV has also researched a recent 17 year study that shows and quotes CVSA at an accuracy of 96.4 %. For further information in relation to these figures please refer to the NITV Web Site.
CVSA technology does not require the subject to be attached to any wires, which makes CVSA ideal for pre-employment screening. CVSA is not affected by drug use, is not restricted to "yes" or "no" answers and can be applied effectively to pre-recorded interview tapes. It has proven its worth again and again in law-enforcement, corporate screening and background investigations.

  • 96.4% accuracy rate
    based on a 17-year study
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Ease of operation
  • No inconclusives
  • Cost-effective
    (1/3 cost of polygraph)

Typical voice-analysis digitized displays

The Software
Over the past twenty years, CVSA has evolved from the original analog instrument to an enhanced, digitized version with several technical improvements. A microphone is attached to the subject and during the interview process, the computer measures small frequency modulations in the voice. These inaudible variations, when detected, measured, quantified and displayed, can accurately determine the truthfulness of each statement elicited from a test subject.
As the subject speaks, each voice pattern is displayed on the computer screen, numbered and valued according to a patented scoring algorithm.

The finished session is evaluated by the computer, rendering its findings of "Deception" or "No Deception", removing any possibility of examiner error as well as providing a completely objective examination. Recently, the CVSA software added the F.A.C.T. Scoring System which simplifies and streamlines the examiner-interface and allows the examinations to be recorded both live and telephonically, directly to the

In addition, the CVSA software is supported by an unlimited lifetime warranty.

The Hardware
The Computer Voice Stress Analysis software comes pre-loaded on a choice of several powerful laptop devices, all of which are accompanied by a four-year on-site warranty. For typical indoor office usage, our clients most often choose the Dell Latitude D620, a very cost-effective and well-rounded laptop with 80 GB hard drive, internal wireless, and various upgraded hardware for optimum performance.
For clients requiring a more rugged computer suitable for outdoor use or varying light conditions, we offer the Panasonic Toughbook 18, which includes enhanced screen readability, component impact resistance, sealed port and connector covers and a magnesium alloy case, among other durability features. This model includes a 60 GB hard-drive and Bluetooth compatibility.

ITV also offers the Panasonic Toughbook 29 to meet the most stringent and demanding environmental conditions as well as the hand-held F.I.S.T. version for those applications where size and portability are issues. mm

All of our laptops are inclusive of Windows XP Professional and some offer additional software such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office. Please click on the brand-name text links above for a more complete listing of our product attributes.

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