Although ITV Consulting offers excellent hardware/ software packages for truth verification, we recognize that the most cost-effective and expedient solutions for some companies can often be our simple, all-inclusive service packages.
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  The professional and experienced staff at ITV can adapt the system of truth verification to a vast amount of practical applications, tailored to all levels of social propriety and corporate requirements.

Examples of areas where the CVSA system can be effectively applied are:
  • Internal investigations for financial institutions, insurance companies, private businesses, etc.
  • Review of dispositions in relation to criminal and civil matters to identify problem areas for cross-examination during trial
  • Civil and criminal matters including interrogation or pre-employment screening
  • Lawyer/client/witness liaisons
  • Resolution of marital issues
All tests are conducted by Certified Advanced Examiners. Our examiners are all either serving or retired police officers with Detective Service in their backgrounds. All exams are followed up with detailed professional reports. Typical pricing for a pre-employment CVSA would be $300; criminal or other CVSA would be $500. All pricing is subject to taxes and additional expenses and may be changed without notice. Please contact us directly for confirmed quotes for your particular application.
ITV and Pre-Employment Screening:
A link to new hiring practices for correctional facilities

ITV has tested for:
Saanich Police Department

Oak Bay Police Department

B.C. Provincial Corrections

University of Victoria Security

The BC Sheriff's Service

Police and Security Screening Office

BC Conservation Services

Independent Investigations Office

ITV has assisted with
investigative screening for:

Legal Services B.C.

Coast Capitol Security